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LASIK and PRK are surgical procedures designed to decrease dependence on glasses or contact lenses for distance vision. INTRALASE is the new “Bladeless” technique used for LASIK surgery.

Dr. Slochower is one the the region’s most experienced Refractive Surgeons. Dr. Slochower is an expert in LASIK, Custom Wavefront LASIK, INTRALASE Bladeless LASIK, and PRK procedures. He has been performing these procedures since 1997.

Dr. Slochower has extensive training and experience in all Refractive Surgery techniques including LASIK, PRK, INTRALASE bladeless LASIK, and numerous other procedures

Dr. Slochower provides the most personal, individualized, and expert refractive care in the entire region. Dr. Slochower will meet with you on a one-to-one basis to discuss your needs and the best procedure for you. In addition, everyone on the Refractive Surgery Team will insure that the entire process flows smoothly.

Dr. Slochower is dedicated to continuing to provide the highest quality of care for Refractive Procedures. All of their refractive procedures are performed in a state of the art laser operating suite.

Let Dr. Slochower help you see as you always imagined!

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